Getting from Then to Now

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Treasure Shoppe Marketing Tips

Did you know that Julio T Buel of N.Y. patented the first bait-casting lure in 1848 and it was the first to go into commercial production?  Did you know that in 1883, an insurance salesperson with the last name of Waterman lost a huge insurance sale because his pen leaked?  In those days, pens didn’t have reservoirs; most of them were of the dip style pens and you had to carry a small bottle of ink wherever you went.  Waterman’s ink ran dry just before the client said yes and the contract was to be signed.  He was so disgusted, he set out to invent his own pen, one with a self-contained reservoir and in 1884, he patented the first fountain pen.  A day later, his wife scrubbed her little heart out removing the big ink stain from his shirt pocket.  (Not a known fact, but I bet…

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