About Julie

I describe myself as a working mother and loving spouse, with a love for all things vintage, employed by the education system in the field of teaching children who have special needs.  I love my career and worked hard to get my degree and certifications in this field.

I am also a green person, who looks for ways to repurpose and not buy new.  That’s one of the reasons why I purchased the Vintage Linen and Lace shop.  I hope you take time to visit my blog, stay awhile and comment when you can.  If you are ever in Colorado Springs, come in and browse my store, located in the  American Classics Marketplace  – 1815 N. Academy Blvd – Space B30 & B26.  If you come in and see a crazy woman with her face buried deep into a fresh pile of linens, it’s probably me.  Stop and say hi.


2 thoughts on “About Julie”

  1. Hi. I love all two of your places and I go quite often to look around. BTW: Who is that nice person that helps in there. She is sopleasant and I love talking to her. She always has a smile. If that is “MOM” she sure is a young Mom. Keep up as its nice to go there

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