Business Cards for Antique Dealers – part 2

He’s right. I put our business cards everywhere. Mom hands them out to everyone.

Treasure Shoppe Marketing Tips

If you want to decrease your marketing cost, learn to use a well-designed business card.  Effective marketing requires you to adhere to the old business Rule of Threes.  The Rule of Three’s is:  Your customer has to hear you, (conversation with customers) see you, (your smiling face or website) and read you to remember you.  Your business card answers the third requirement and is the best form of low-cost marketing antique dealers can use.  The more you give the card out, the better the exposure.  Even if you do nothing more than smile and say hello while handing them a card, you have accomplished all three requirements.  Now go one-step farther.  If you want to have repeat customers (and who doesn’t), then make the card work for you.  Here’s how. 

When you design your business card, VistaPrint will ask if you want anything printed on the…

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