Male Menopause or Why I Killed Him.

Living room in a Bowen residence, ca. 1905
Living room in a Bowen residence, ca. 1905 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t been near a keyboard for over a week. Why? Because my husband and I decided to change ( he say’s redecorate) our living room. I mean, he decided to change the living room and I said OK. In my defense, I was half asleep at the time.

I don’t know what comes over him sometimes. He likes change. I don’t. He thrives on chaos, I don’t. He sits and thinks (that what he says he’s doing) and then suddenly jumps up and starts moving stuff around. I admit, I tend to move things first, then move them back when it doesn’t look right. Maybe he has that part right, but it won’t work as a justifiable motive in my murder trial.

Anyway, we are finished (I am anyway) and maybe – just maybe, we can get back to normality around here. We did manage – between trips to the home store, to put in some new – beautiful 1950’s kitchen and bath linens, and our Mothers Day sale is still on, so I guess some things still work right. I’ve got to end this for now because he wants to move the TV – again.  He didn’t like my spot.  It must be male menopause.  Does anyone else have a husband like this?  I’d like to know so I can mount my defense ahead of time.


5 thoughts on “Male Menopause or Why I Killed Him.”

  1. LOL… I had to laugh about this. My S.O. is one of those “never move it!” types. If he can’t find it where he’s put it for the last 8 years, then the world will end. And yes, this includes moving his pen over ten inches. However, every once in a while he gets this yen to rearrange things. Life is chaotic until he gets it just right, and like your husband, will twitch and fiddle with some piece of furniture until it is just so.

      1. ROFLOL! I just move the pens on the dry write board. 🙂 He gets so flustered that he forgets all about moving things. 🙂 Then I also get the satisfaction of pointing to where they are less than 10 inches away and say “if you didn’t rearrange things, you’d find them.” :>

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