There are some great ideas here, especially for all those mismatched items I have hanging around.

Treasure Shoppe

One may not think of the Treasure Shoppe as a resource for art supplies, but it may be one of the most contemporary places for materials.
Many recent magazines have featured flea market type treasures as the basis for new, creative workings. “Repurpose” is the catch word of the day. What can the Treasure Shoppe offer to help promote artistic inspiration? Plenty…
Vintage suitcases can be reused for travel, of course, but they can be converted into end tables, wall shelves, and the cutest doggie (or kitty) beds.
Mismatched tea cups and saucers make really cool bird feeders, party favors (let each guest take home a reminder of a special event such as a shower or birthday party), pretty planters for African violets, or a decorative container for bath salts in the guest powder room.
For those who enjoy doing mosaic pieces, there is a large selection of inexpensive china, vases, cups…

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