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Summertime, summertime, summertime.

English: Taken at a Chicagoland Flea Market. R...
English: Taken at a Chicagoland Flea Market. Rosemont, Illinois on Sunday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just looked at my timeline for the first time in a long time.  My o’ my, where has the time flown.  It’s been six plus weeks since I have posted anything.  You would think I fell off the earth.   Actually, I have been quite busy with back to school things.  Things like getting the daughter prepped and ready for school and getting myself ready for the back to school grind.  Actually that part was easier this year because I taught summer school for the first part of the summer and the daughter attended two band camps of which I participated by being the second camp chauffeur .   The hubby did the first camp during my summer school phase.

Then there were the busy summer sales at both stores.  We put these on in between band camp and summer school.  I love summer sales.  I was trying to decide just what items to put on sale when the hubby said, “Just put it all on sale.”  So we did.  He’s so practical.  In the afternoons and on the occasional weekend, we did manage to get out and go picking.  He’s into collecting and selling “netsukes” and vintage pens and I let him put some in “Dad Corner” in my space at American Classics.  He also has his display in Case 409 there as well.  I love our excursions to the antique stores, estate sales, and garage sales.  Together, we love the flea markets.  It’s where he occasionally finds some of his best treasures.  The weather was hot most days, but we endured.  (it’s a tough life isn’t it?)

So that’s my excuse for not writing and I’m sticking with it.  Been too busy to write and too busy being busy.  In all fairness, I could have simply sat around all summer and complained about the heat.  I know many people who did; so I let them, all by themselves while the hubby and I played.    But now, it’s back to work time.

However, every weekend and after school many times, you will still find me in one of my locations, nose deep in my linens, getting my weekly fix.  If you see me at either the Treasure Shoppe (B4) or American Classics (C30) and I have that glazed look in my eye, know that I’m in my own little heaven.  Feel free to grab a handful of freshly laundered linens and join me.   It’s OK, I know what you’re feeling.  You’re welcome here.


Resolution for the new year

I woke up early this Sunday morning of the first day of 2012, resolved to not look back.   That’s right, NOT to look back.  That may be hard for a person who deals in vintage linen and lace, but that was my resolution.  I opened my Sunday paper and immediately the opening headline is “A look back on 2011.”  Who wants to?  2011 was a disaster.  Who wants to go back?

I prefer to look forward to the good times coming in 2012.  Sounds a little unrealistic I know, but that’s my attitude.  I hate negative anyway, so why surround myself with it.  I prefer the positive and that’s how I am going to approach the new year.  It’s going to be fun to record my posts and see if I can keep that attitude throughout the year.  I’m positive I can.  How about you?

Happy “Positive” New Year citizens and readers.  Shut off your news, end your subscription to the negative press, and learn to live happy.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. Remember to reuse and recycle items as much as you can.

Until next time.