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Treasure Shoppe

School is back in session, but what a time it was to prepare for it.  Clothing, school supplies, lunches, sports preparations, bus schedules, car pools, and you did it all.   Now it is time for you.  There are several fun fashion spots throughout the store.  Purses, shoes, hats, scarves, blouses, did I mention shoes?  There is bound to be something you can’t be without.

Hats are a great accessory.  You will find stylized ball caps as well as the classic types.  These are great to wear when coaching the kids’ soccer or football.  Keep one in the car to shade from bright sun or protection from snow and rain.  Now, there are red hats in the shoppe from time to time, but they aren’t on the shelves long.  Those gorgeous accessories are a must have for many ladies.

Denim is a durable material and the color is classic.  For anyone…

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