Repurpose and Reorganize in One Step

TV Dinner trays are especially useful around our house. Never tried the the record rack. Great post.

Treasure Shoppe

    Let’s talk about what can be done to organize an office or dorm room while doing our part to recycle.  Here are some great ideas for putting things together inexpensively.

  Save those Styrofoam veggie and meat trays.  Wash them thoroughly and place them in desk drawers.  Arrange pens and small office supplies in the sections.

  File papers on your desk using an old record rack.  Paint it to match the rest of the colors in the room. 

  Are there too many magazines just lying around?  Save an empty detergent box, cut out a pocket and line with decorative paper.  Store your magazines neatly on a book shelf.

  Here are some quick fixes:

       Old eye glass cases for pens, erasers, paper clips, etc.

       Remove the clip bar from an old binder, secure it to a closet door for hanging scarves or belts

       Shoe boxes…

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