I love this idea and thought I would pass it along.

The Knitted Chick

When I was cleaning out my linen closet a couple months ago, I came across a forgotten stack of bandanas. I had forgotten I even had them, it was so long since they had been used. I formerly had taken them to Pioneer Village Living History Museum, just north of Phoenix, for use as costumes by the boys in my school class, when we were on that field trip. (But it’s been five years since that district banned field trips for financial reasons!) So, being in a “piecing” frame of mind, I had the idea of sewing them together to make a tablecloth long enough to cover one of those 8 foot city park picnic tables. Luckily, I had 18 bandanas, so I . . .
1st–arranged them (still folded up) into an array of 6 rows of 3 columns. And with only 1 coral, 1 turquoise, 1 purple, and…

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